Training, Workshops and Certificate Courses

Long term certificate courses (One Year Course)

Post Graduate – Certificate Course in Counseling Psychology (PGCCP).

It is a one year autonomous course run by “EMOTICONS India”  This course is beneficial for aspiring counselors and those who want to refine their skills in counseling and psychotherapy. It offers a hands-on learning environment and prepares an individual with an all-rounded set of skills. 

Intensive Certificate Courses (3-4 month Courses)

Through this 3 month autonomous course, our aim is to assist an individual in understanding the process & application of  REBT as an integrated approach, by providing expert support through supervisor facilitation. The practice sessions conducted throughout the training help an individual to gradually learn to apply the REBT skills on oneself and further with the clients.


It is an autonomous course offered by EMOTICONS India. It is a structured, theoretically sound and practically driven training program. Through the 3 months, learn the skills to facilitate children and adults with various therapeutic needs with Play Therapy  through case examples, mock sessions, role plays, practice sessions with children and supervisor facilitation. 


Intensive Certificate Course in Research Methodology and Psychological Test Construction is a systematically designed training program that aims to provide necessary skills for conducting a quality research and constructing a standardized psychometric test.
The objective of this course is to pay attention to practical skill development through hands-on experience with SPSS, a commonly used software for statistical analysis.


Short term Certificate Trainings and Workshops

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is a practical, action-oriented approach to cope with problems and enhance personal growth. It focuses on dealing with attitudes, emotions and maladaptive behaviors that can sabotage emotional, mental and psychological well being. Through these short term certificate courses, one would learn the various theories and the applications of the learnt techniques, and master the skills to apply the therapy on oneself as well as with clients, as they progress through the different levels.

Beck’s Cognitive Therapy is a solution-focused approach to treatment, oriented towards solving problems and learning practical skills. It is a form of psychotherapy that helps people learn how to recognize and alter detrimental or upsetting patterns of thinking that have a negative effect on behavior and emotions. Learn the skills of CBT through the short term certificate courses, and build the foundation to further grow your CBT skills.

Play therapy is a form of counseling or psychotherapy that uses play to communicate with and help people, especially children, to prevent or resolve psycho-social challenges and gain emotional awareness. Through these short term certificate courses, one would learn the various theories and the applications of the learnt techniques, and master the skills as one progresses through the various levels.

This training is designed to equip an individual with tools, techniques, and coping strategies, to help oneself & others while feeling stressed & anxious. The focus of the training is to learn to identify anxiety symptoms, comprehend & implement strategies to develop a toolkit using CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)  for anxiety management.

The Emotional Wellbeing workshop will help one understand, analyze, and deal effectively with the day to day challenges and emotional disturbances that people face. It demonstrates the scientific way of managing unhelpful emotions, using the techniques from REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy).

Mastering the concept and skill of case taking is pivotal for any mental health professional. This training aims at developing the skills of logical thinking, exploration, observation, and right questioning to collect the precise data and identify the problems correctly to aid the therapeutic process with adults and children.

This workshop helps gain an understanding of common psychiatric disorders in the counseling setup. The workshop is designed so as to  not only impart theoretical understanding, but also to enable participants to be able to identify these disorders in practice. The sessions will consist of discussions of actual cases, application of DSM, concept of case formulation, mock sessions, audio-visual clippings and much more. 

Corporate Training

We strongly believe that organizational effectiveness is a function of the employee’s growth. Therefore, through our corporate training we aim at serving the purpose of furthering an individual’s growth, thereby furthering the organization’s effectiveness. Some of our standard, yet customized, training programs are:

School and College Training

Our School and College Training programs aim for a holistic development (including emotional, behavioral, cognitive and social development) of children and adolescents, by working not just with them, but also with the parents and teachers, to make it more effective. Some of our standard, yet customized, training programs are:

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