Self-E for Schools

Self- E (Self- Enhancement) program for children and adolescents

What is Self-E for Schools?

Self-E stands for Self-Enhancement. It is an initiative of “EMOTICONS India” for schools aiming to equip students with techniques to deal with difficult circumstances and manage their own emotions during one of the most conflicting years of their lives. 

Self-E is a positive, preventive, and psychological health education program. It is India’s first ever highly researched, preventive and curative program, based on world renowned psychological techniques and therapies like Rational emotive behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, play therapy and client centered therapy.

Our Objective

To help create efficacious, resilient, and well-functioning adults by increasing self-awareness, inculcating a habit of rational thinking and using effective coping mechanisms

Our Philosophy

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” The world has become fast-paced, and is consistently seen to be growing and changing, with different problems coming our way each day. In such a space, the children too need to be growing in a way where they can effectively and healthily deal with the issues and stressors coming to them. It has been seen that ineffective management of day to day issues, demands and overwhelming stressors leading to further more severe problems like depression, suicide, addiction and other mental illnesses.

The good news is that we can largely prevent this ill-effect with Self-E. Our Programme vehemently believes in the fact that these students have immense potential within them, and that it should be utilized to bring out the best in them.

Self-E Features and Benefits:

Self-E Program Outcomes:

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