Psychometric Tool Development

Psychometric Test Construction: One on one guidance and consultancy services

Standardized tests are used in psychology, as well as in everyday life, to measure intelligence, aptitude, achievement, personality, attitudes and interests. Tests must be standardized, reliable (give consistent results), and valid (trustworthy) before they can be considered useful psychological tools.

We, at “EMOTICONS India”, scientifically develop the psychometric tests and provide consultancy for the same. The tests constructed are highly applicable and go through the systematic procedure of standardization.

The tests are constructed as per the requirement of different industries, institutions and individuals. The tests constructed are used for various purposes such as research projects, testing the effectiveness of the interventions and training programs.

Corporate make use of our psychological tools for recruitment, selection, promotion, performance management and employee development.

We provide psychometric test construction services, and consulting solutions too.

Some of our past projects are:

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