Gain confidence, and take charge of your own life !


At “EMOTICONS India”, clients are provided with a confidential, supportive and non-judgmental environment. Our focus is also to help people to look at themselves in a new perspective, gain confidence, and take charge of their own lives.


Our trainings and workshops aim at enabling an individual to understand themselves and improve their social and professional skills.

Psychological Testing

Psychological tests provide an objective analysis of human behaviour which explains their popularity and has enabled them to be adopted widely. In today’s times, these tests have been primarily used to assess and guide individuals for personal development, career counseling, selection and promotion to list a few. 

Psychometric Tool Development

Standardized tests are used in psychology, as well as in everyday life, to measure intelligence, aptitude, achievement, personality, attitudes and interests. Tests must be standardized, reliable (give consistent results), and valid (trustworthy) before they can be considered useful psychological tools.

Research Projects

We, at EMOTICONS India provide research guidance and consulting solutions. Our services reflect our holistic knowledge of the psychological research process, research methodology and statistical analysis, and are tailored to the individual and organization’s needs and prerequisites. 


Self-E stands for Self-Enhancement. It is an initiative by “EMOTICONS India” for schools aiming to equip students with techniques to deal with difficult circumstances and manage their own emotions during some of the most conflicting years of their lives. 


To help students explore various career options and to upgrade their skills and gain relevant experience, we offer a variety of online as well as offline Internship programs.
It is open for all graduate and post graduate students.

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