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Continuous Professional Development is an important part of being a coach or therapist. Here are some courses that we feel can help you in your journey.

Recommended Books

Read and Learn Books focusing on core concepts &/or applications. Here are books that we recommend for all coaches and therapist.

Past Webinars

Watch and Learn Watch all our past webinars and live sessions. We recommend that you start with the TruTalks Series.

Let’s Hear it From the Expert


Self Care: A Necessity

When was the last time you deliberately took some time off for yourself and engaged in activities that relax you, rejuvenate you, that brighten up your mood and give you a more positive outlook on your day to day life?

Healthy Habits for Coping with Uncertainty During a Pandemic

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt, until they are too heavy to be broken!” The first thought that entered my mind about being quarantined at home was that I would not be able to meet my friends.

Converse, Don't Condemn: Men's Mental Health Awareness Month

“I am no less a man because I fear. I am no less a man because I am mentally ill. I am no less a man because only I get to decide what it means to be a man.” 

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