Certificate Course in Research Methodology and Psychological Test Construction

Certificate Course in Research Methodology and Psychological Test Construction

From 1st of May 2021 to 2nd of August 2021,
Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Certificate Course in Research Methodology and Psychological Test Construction is an autonomous course offered by EMOTICONS India.
It is a structured, theoretically sound and practically driven training that focuses on providing necessary skills for conducting research and constructing a standardized psychometric test.

The objective of this course is to pay attention to practical skill development through hands-on experience with SPSS, a commonly used software for statistical analysis.

The course structure is designed in a way that the learnt concepts of Research Methodology and Psychological Test Construction or Tool Development are brought in practice through interactive and brainstorming sessions, fun and practical method of constructing a test and conducting a quality research project.

Research is something that is seen in every aspect and is important to have skills of. This course is well suited to those participants who want to do some form of research in diverse fields and who want to discover something new.

Just as research skills are crucial while discovering new findings within social science, so are psychological tests. Finding the right test for conducting a quality research is very essential in any field within a profession.

Follow up benefits:
Participants will get an opportunity to work with EMOTICONS India for the test construction and research projects which will further enhance their skills in test construction and research understanding.

Prerequisites: Laptop with SPSS software installed.

Time/Duration: 3 Months

Investment: INR 16,000/-
– Avail early bird offer till 16th April. (10% discount)
– Group discounts available (10% discount)
– Ex-participants discount: Avail 15% discount if you have completed Research Level 1 Certificate Course

Admission process
Admission form will be sent after the registration form is filled. The last date to submit the admission form is 30th April 2021.

It is witnessed that the practical skills required in psychometry and research go far beyond what is experienced in an educational curriculum.

This course has been built to bridge this gap and help impart students to:

– Apply the gained knowledge by conducting sound research in social science and humanities.
– Master the technical skills required to built a good psychometric test from scratch so that they can add real value to the intricate issue of assessing human abilities.
– Conduct a research using the standardized psychological test constructed during the period of this course.
Join the course now and take the journey towards becoming a skilled researcher and psychometrician today!

  1. Academic researchers and Research enthusiast
  2. Assessment Professionals
  3. Testing and Assessment Consultants
  4. Human resource and training professionals, teachers, managers, facilitators, counselors and psychologists interested in learning the proper and scientific way of conducting a research and constructing psychological tests. 
  5. Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, MPhil students, PhD students.
  6. Professionals and Faculty pursuing research or who are writing a research paper as Bachelor or Master thesis and for paper publication
    (*No prior knowledge of research methods is required. Any person with basic understanding and interest in research and statistics is welcome to attend.)
  1. Online/Offline mode of learning
  1. Participants will be working individually or in groups.
  2. Less focus will be on theory and more importance will be given to the practical understanding of the subjects.
  3. Use of SPSS would be regular for practical understanding.
  4. Individual attention will be give to every participant during the process of test construction and completion of the research project.
  1. Detail explanation about Item analysis, reliability, validity and norms will be given using SPSS.
  2. Use of factor analysis in the test construction will be taught using SPSS.
  3. Participants will able to complete constructing the standardized test for themselves within the course duration.
  4. Participants will able to write the manual for their test.
  5. Participants will able to write a research proposal for their own topic.
  6. Detail explanation of the research methodologies will be given using SPSS.
  7. Relevant important research designs will be explained.
  8. Participants will able to complete the research project within the course duration.
  9. Participants will able to write the research report for the paper publication.

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