EMOTICONS = Emotions + Icons; communication through expression"

Why us ?

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EMOTICONS India offers you a one stop solution to cope up with almost any challenges that you must be going through in your life. Be it about your personal life or professional life, EMOTICONS India will assist you step by step in facing your problems and solving them, thus helping you evolve in all aspects of life. EMOTICONS India has a wide range of services to offer which include counselling, training, testing and alike.

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We help you

We offer training programs and also assistance in huge aspects of our daily life, such as, Positive thinking, Emotional intelligence, Self-esteem, Personality Development, Effective parenting style, Motivation Building, Leadership, Team building, Stress management, Anger management, etc.

EMOTICONS India helps you understand the feelings and emotions you are going through and walk you through the possible ways of overcoming any psychological, emotional or social issues.

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We provide you

We at EMOTICONS India, provide counselling services for such challenges and issues and guide you better to cope with everyday life without falling victim to any of these.

Along with such behavioral and emotional trainings, we also conduct technical trainings like Psychometric Test Construction and Developing Essential Research Skills.

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In today’s routine, it has become very difficult to cope up with the stress and negativity we have to go through every day. It could be at work, at school, at some other institution or even at our home. Some of the factors contributing to stress and depression are Peer pressure, Poor academic performance, Low self-esteem, Loneliness, Issues with adapting to a change or new environment, further leading to anger, anxiety, guilt, jealously and alike. These factors may seem to be small at first but they grow up to be giants and a lot of times result in even suicidal tendencies.

We also offer counselling for other matters, such as, relationship, marriage and family counselling (reasons for conflict, ways to tackle them, ways to cope up emotional disturbances), corporate counselling (strategies to deal with stress, improving problem solving skills, identifying strengths and weaknesses, attain work-life balance, motivation) and Child counseling through Play Therapy to deal with all the children and adolescents age issues right from disorder to distress.

A safe, positive, healing atmosphere to explore the issues that you want to resolve


Stress is one of the biggest contributors for negative feelings leading to unhappiness. Stress management is one of our services where we educate you about different techniques that help overcome stress.

Our training programs are designed to help you understand certain factors we come across daily and their importance. Our standard training programs include but aren’t restricted to, Anger and Aggression Management, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Thinking, Building Self- Esteem, Personality Development, Motivation Building, Leadership Skills, Work Life Integration and Effective Parenting Styles.

To realize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.


EMOTICONS India offers psychological tests that help you analyze yourself in different aspects of life. Some of them are, aptitude testing, intelligence testing, personality testing, attitude testing and interest inventories.
We provide our expertise to corporate and educational institutions for research methodology and statistical analysis in order to carry out researches and completion of research projects and also guide in the areas of psychological testing, counseling and group therapies to deal with numerous challenges and issues that are faced on day to day level.
We, at EMOTICONS India, scientifically develop the psychological tools as per the requirement of different industries and institutions. Organizations make use of our psychological tools for recruitment, selection, promotion, performance-management, and employee development.

A platform to understand your emotional needs and to get rid of the mental blocks and negative thoughts.

So, Instead of asking “why EMOTICONS?” Ask yourself “Why not?”

What They Said About Us

Words have a powerful effect. Sharing your stories helps you heal. Facing anxieties, extreme sadness or emotional imbalance is okay,doing nothing over it is not. At EMOTICONS I learnt that though I can't change the event I can surely change my response that will change the outcome. Thanks for giving my life a new way.

Rushi Lokhande
The Workshop experience with EMOTICONS was indeed nice. The REBT therapy has given me many ways to tackle the problem of my life. It taught me to identify the problems perfectly so that I can find the solutions perfectly. It not only taught me to face the problems but also to effectively conquer them. Simply, it taught me to smile.

Mansi Gundecha
It was an immense pleasure having being experienced Sessions with EMOTICONS. Those sessions have changed my look towards handling the situations coming in my way and gave me a new walk to lead myself. Their REBT therapy has helped me a lot to change my perspective and to deal with all the undesirable situations in an effective way. Thank you so much EMOTICONS.

Yashaswi Sane
It was a wonderful experience during sessions. I learnt to deal with my different types of emotions. I learnt to think about present and not worry about past and future. I indeed thank EMOTICONS for the life changing experience I had with them.

Basavashree Patil

We are passionate about helping our clients to recognize and adapt the ups and downs they face, empower them to identify and pursue their goals and help them lead a content, happy and meaningful life.