Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters: A Corporate Session. Register Now!

Mental Health Matters: A Complimentary Corporate Session.

How are you creating an atmosphere of Growth, Inclusivity and Wellness at your organisation?

In this uncertain Covid-19 pandemic, mental illnesses and problems have been on a multi-fold rise. We have all faced uncertain and unfamiliar situations. Numerous studies have shown that there are increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression among the workforce having its impact on the organisation too.

To address these mental health issues, EMOTICONS India is conducting webinars for the corporates, as both a preventive as well as curative measure. I am hereby attaching the brief proposal of our ‘Mental Health Matters: A complimentary corporate session’

The objective of the session is to help create efficacious, resilient, and supportive environment and increasing self-awareness, inculcating a habit of rational thinking and problem solving attitude and using effective coping mechanisms.

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