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Self-E (Self Enhancement) Program for Schools. Register Now!

     Self-E: Self- Enhancement programme.
Are you looking for the EMOTIONAL, COGNITIVE and BEHAVIORAL Enhancement of your students, teachers and parents?
Then this is the program for you!

Self-E is India's first ever highly researched, preventive and curative program, based on world renowned psychological techniques and therapies.

The objective of the program is to help create efficacious, resilient, and well-functioning adults by increasing self-awareness, inculcating a habit of rational thinking and using effective coping mechanisms.

EMOTICONS India has initiated a free awareness session in schools across Pune.

The objective of the program is to train the teachers to maintain their mental health and address threats to their well-being effectively. Various schools have benefited by this. Are you the next?
Book a FREE session at your school today!

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