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Online- Case Taking in Counselling with Children

On 17th of October 2020 and 18th of October 2020,
Time: 4.00 pm to 7:00 pm

    In counselling or in any form of psychotherapy, taking a complete case history is an important aspect of providing quality services to the client. It helps to serve client now and in the future.
Case Taking in Counselling with children focuses on collecting data from various sources and child itself, to accurately diagnose and identify various issues and challenges that the child might be facing. This is a crucial and intricate task. This training aims at developing the skills of logical thinking, exploration, observation, and right questioning to collect the precise data from child and various other sources, for the accurate problem identification, designing appropriate intervention and to aid the further therapeutic process and progress.

Course Content:
1. Concept of case taking for children
2. Understanding difference between child and adult case taking
3. Challenges involved in child case taking
4. Skills and techniques required in child case taking
5. Areas to be explored in child case taking with its relevance and importance
6. Basics of identification and diagnosis in children
7. Difference between case formulation and diagnosis

Course highlights:
1. Learning through discussions and case studies
2. Group discussion, demonstration and mock sessions
3. Relevant handouts and reading material
4. Assures individual attention and feedback
5. Certificates will be awarded to all participants

Highly recommended for:
School counsellors, mental health professionals, paediatrician, psychologists, and psychology students, teachers and social workers working with children

Eligibility Criteria:
Post graduation in Psychology

Investment: INR 1999/-

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