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International Webinar on Introduction to Trauma Therapy

Time: 9.30am to 12:30pm

16th January 2021
An International Webinar on Trauma Therapy by Dr. Robert Rhoton

Do you know why you should jump into exploring negative emotions with trauma clients?
Come join Dr. Robert Rhoton, President of the Trauma Institute International (TII), as he discusses the basics of the science of trauma therapy and how traditional therapy approaches often fall short of helping the traumatized client.
To work with Trauma, one needs to know how to address these changes in the body that are creating the changes in emotion, thinking and behaviour.

Webinar Content:
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Physiological connection with thought, emotion and behaviour
  • Trauma cycle
  • Applying the knowledge of physiology to the trauma treatment process

  • What to expect from the webinar:
  • Participants will be able to examine the impact of stress and body arousal on ones ability to effectively communicate and maintain meaningful engagement in therapy
  • Participants will be able to define trauma in a more useful and holistic way of thinking
  • Participants will be exposed to the idea that behavior, emotion and thinking are reliant on hormonal and biochemical changes in the body.
  • Participants will be able to identify what is lost when stress and self-regulation are not achieved as the first step in therapy
  • Understand the importance Trauma clients being able to regulate their autonomic nervous system
  • Comprehend the importance of therapeutic relationship and positive expectancy (relational factors) for positive outcomes in treatment

  • Webinar highlights:
  • An opportunity to interact with an international speaker, Dr. Robert Rhoton
  • 1 week access to the webinar recording
  • E-Book provided
  • Participation Certificates awarded

  • Facilitator:

    Dr. Robert Rhoton
    PsyD | LPC | D.A.A.E.T.S.
    President at Trauma Institute International
    CEO at Arizona Trauma Institute
    Trauma Therapist

    Highly recommended for:

    Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, Psychology Students, Doctors, Social Workers


    INR 1100/- ($ 16)

    (*Last Date of Registration 13th January, 2021)

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