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Emotional Well-Being Workshop

On 8th of February 2020 and 9th of February 2020,
Time: 3.00pm to 7.00pm

     Are you taking good care of your physical health? May be Yes.. And of your mental health? May be No..
Working only on physical health will not make you "Healthy". For that to happen working equally on your mental health is very important. Because most of the times the real cause of your physical health damage is due to your psychological imbalance.

Thinking about your own wellbeing is not being selfish, it is about being healthy and happy so that you can spread happiness around and create a healthy environment at home.
It's time to take out time for yourself. Emotional well-being and mental health is the first step towards leading a happy, healthy and a sound life.
Take the first step, make the right choice and change your life for your betterment and for your family.

This workshop will help you understand, analyze and deal effectively with your day to day problems and critical situations.

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