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Online- Case Taking in Counseling

From 19th of June 2020 to 21st of June 2020,
Time: 11.00 am to 1:00 pm

    In counseling or in any form of psychotherapy, taking a complete case history is an important aspect of providing quality services to the client. It helps to serve client now and in the future. It plays an important role in diagnosis as well as the treatment.
Simply knowing the format or structure is not enough to record the robust case history. Case History is a skill of asking the right question to get the required information. This will help a counsellor or therapist in designing the subsequent plan of action.
Case formulation in mental health practice is logical and skilful exploration of problem and the person in the problem. It forms the foundation of any therapeutic process.

Course highlights:
1. Learning through discussions and case studies
2. Group Discussion and mock sessions
3. Relevant Handouts will be provided
4. Certificates awarded to all participants

Course Content:
1. Importance of case history and its format
2. Basics of MSE (Mental Status Examination)
3. Guidelines for questions and probing
4. Challenges in taking case history

Highly recommended for:
Counsellors, aspiring mental health professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists.

Eligibility Criteria:
Post graduation in Psychology

Investment: INR 2000/-

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