EMOTICONS = Emotions + Icons; communication through expression"

The Admission for an Autonomous Post Graduation Course in Counseling Psychology (PGCCP) will start in April 2020.
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Aiming to spread happiness!!!

Do you feel yourself to be knee-deep in problems with no way of coming out? Are you tired of struggling to make changes on your own? Do you wish to develop a more positive and assertive outlook towards your life? Do you want to enhance your emotional wellbeing? Then you are at the right place, where we help you to realize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

What They Said About Us

Words have a powerful effect. Sharing your stories helps you heal. Facing anxieties, extreme sadness or emotional imbalance is okay,doing nothing over it is not. At EMOTICONS I learnt that though I can't change the event I can surely change my response that will change the outcome. Thanks for giving my life a new way.

Rushi Lokhande
The Workshop experience with EMOTICONS was indeed nice. The REBT therapy has given me many ways to tackle the problem of my life. It taught me to identify the problems perfectly so that I can find the solutions perfectly. It not only taught me to face the problems but also to effectively conquer them. Simply, it taught me to smile.

Mansi Gundecha
It was an immense pleasure having being experienced Sessions with EMOTICONS. Those sessions have changed my look towards handling the situations coming in my way and gave me a new walk to lead myself. Their REBT therapy has helped me a lot to change my perspective and to deal with all the undesirable situations in an effective way. Thank you so much EMOTICONS.

Yashaswi Sane
It was a wonderful experience during sessions. I learnt to deal with my different types of emotions. I learnt to think about present and not worry about past and future. I indeed thank EMOTICONS for the life changing experience I had with them.

Basavashree Patil

We are passionate about helping our clients to recognize and adapt the ups and downs they face, empower them to identify and pursue their goals and help them lead a content, happy and meaningful life.